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Health First Europe (HFE) and European Health Management Association (EHMA) launched the Report of the EU Health Policy Platform Stakeholder Network on ‘Profiling and Training the Healthcare Workforce of the Future’ on ‘Profiling and Training the Healthcare Workforce of the Future’ on essential skills for a resilient and effective European health workforce.

The report was presented on September 22, 2022 at the EP Innovation in Health and Social Care Interest Group meeting attended by the researchers from Verlab Institute. 

The report, through its recommendations addressing policy-makers at European and national, regional, local level, aims to trigger change on the ground by raising awareness of the existing and foreseeable skills gaps of the European health workforce in the context of visible trends and challenges.

The Stakeholder Network co-moderated by EHMA and HFE has identified four skill areas pivotal to delivering better, more resilient, sustainable and effective person-centred care.

  1. digital, eHealth and AI skills;
  2. patient-centred communication skills;
  3. interdisciplinary and coordination skills;
  4. green skills.

Take a look at the EU HPP report infographic on Essential skills for a resilient and effective European health workforce.

Verlab Institute launched #verlabAcademy to support uptake of the digital, eHealth and AI skills in healthcare in Bosnia and Herzegovina. More information on the training can be found here!

External link here!


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