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To meet the needs clients, the institution used obsolete reporting mechanism, emails, Excel and Google spreadsheets and variousprinted documents. Exchange of information with clients was done by email, which, due to the large number of clients and a wide range of the area took a lot of time, and also left room forerrors.

Dropdown menu technology
Dropdown menu technology
Dropdown menu technology


Through a conversation with thelaboratory staff, itwasconcludedthatitwasnecessary to identify digital trends, ieavailable technologies and toolsthatcancontribute to thetransformation of theexistingprocess in order to improvetransparency and efficiency of business. For thispurpose, duringtheconsultation, a specification of the user interface wasdeveloped, whichshouldbeused to manage a largedatabaseobtained by clients, and whichhastheability to maintainthedatabase, evaluatebudgetreceivables and communicate with clients.


A user interface for managing a large database obtained by clients has been created and installed, which has the ability to maintain the database, evaluate budget receivables and communicate with clients.

Since the introduction of this solution, the laboratory expected to speed up the work, improve the accuracy in reporting, reduce the possibility of errors and omissions. All the above elements of the goal are fully met.


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